The Center for Independent Employees (“CIE”) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) legal defense foundation that promotes individual freedom and free enterprise. CIE provides legal representation and aid to independent employees (private and government sectors) who are opposed to union oppression in their workplace.

Union Activists receive free legal advice from union organizers and staff attorneys, while independent employees have had nowhere to turn for legal advice and representation. Independent Employees no longer have to face the oppressive power of unions alone, as the Center for Independent Employees is your partnering education and advocate arm.


The mission of Center for Independent Employees (“CIE”) is to provide free legal aid to employees who oppose unions. CIE is the only organization that provides a unique comprehensive service to America’s independent employees.


We serve as the information, education and legal action clearinghouse you can partner with in the worthwhile effort to truly become independent in the workplace. With the assistance of its partners, CIE continues to quietly and consistently deliver the following:

  1. Protection of independent employees’ rights and the free enterprise system currently under attack by unions and politicians;
  2. Removing the influx of dues monies to government and private sector unions that serve as a slush fund for politicians and causes across the country;
  3. Reducing the influence of unions over politicians and employees.

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